Although the internet is a vast means of communication, there is nothing quite like having a physical copy of something. People are still going out, and printed products can take advantage of their potential curiosity.

Posters are usually large enough to be noticed from a fair distance, and effective ones stand out and keep the customer’s attention. Both flyers and posters can attract new customers but, when used simultaneously, increase the chance of the message being remembered.

Marketing with posters and flyers is a great way to get a company name more well known, and using them effectively can lead to more customers. Generally, posters can be placed in areas with a lot of public traffic, so that they will be seen. Accompanying flyers can be left near the posters for the public to pick up and find out more.



All prices above include VAT, and are for single sided print on 250gsm unlaminated silk. Other options including 220micron and 400micron PVC, and double sided printing, are available on request.

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